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"Field-enhanced orthorhombic structural distortion in the frustrated ferrimagnetic spinel Mn3O4," Jae-Ho Chung, Hun Chang, Hak Bong Lee, Kee Hwan Lee, Young-Sang Song, Karel Prokes, Slavomir Matas, Takehito Suzuki, and Takuro Katsufuji [Submitted]


"Temperature dependence of magnetic excitations in frustrated antiferromagnetic spinel ZnMn2O4 ," Hun Chang, In-Yong Hwang, Jae-Ho Chung, Ross Stewart, Wataru Higemoto, and Yasuhiro Miyake, Phys. Rev. B, 97, 014406 (2018) [Jan. 3, 2018]





"Commensurate transverse helical ordering in the room-temperature magnetoelectric Co2Z hexaferrite," Hun Chang, Hak Bong Lee, Jae-Ho Chung, Sae Hwan Chun, Kwang Woo Shin, Byung-Gu Jeon, Kee Hoon Kim, Karel Prokes, and Slavomir Matas Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter xxx (2017) 1–5, [Nov. 23, 2017 Online]


"Surface pinning effect of an antiferromagnetic interlayer exchange coupling in (Ga1-xMnxAs/GaAs:Be)10 multilayer," Byeong-gwan Cho, Dong-Ok Kim, Jae-Young Kim, Jae-Ho Chung, Sanghoon Lee, Yongseong Choi, Jun Woo Choi, Dong Ryeol Lee, and Ki Bong Lee, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 71, p121-125, (2017) [July. 22, 2017]


. .




"Highly selective and sensitive xylene sensors using Ni-doped branched ZnO nanowire networks," Hyung-Sik Woo, Chang-Hoon Kwak, Jae-Ho Chung, Jong-Heun Lee, Sensors and Actuators B:Chemical XX, XXXX (2015) [Apr. 20, 2015 online]


"Separation of magnetic and superconducting behaviour in YBCO6.33 (Tc=8.4 K)," Zahra Yamani, W.J.L. Buyers, F. Wang, Y-J. Kim, J.-H. Chung, S. Chang, P. Gehring, G. Gasparovic, C. Stock, C. L. Broholm, J. C. Baglo, Ruixing Liang, D. A. Bonn, and W. N. Hardy, Phys. Rev. B 91, 134427 (2015) [Apr. 29, 2015]


"Diluted orbital degeneracy and large orthorhombic distortions in ferrimagnetic spinel CuxMn3−xO4," Kee Hwan Lee, Hun Chang, In Yong Hwang, Jae-Ho Chung, Hyun Wook Kang, Su Jae Kim, and Seongsu Lee, Phys. Rev. B, 91, 064404 (2015) [Feb. 3, 2015]

We report large orthorhombic distortions in the ferrimagnetic tetragonal (c > a) spinel Mn3O4 stabilized by a few percent of Cu doping. The orthorhombic strains of the ferrimagnetic phases increased linearly to the doping and reached up to e ~ 8.2 × 10−3 for x = 0.19, which is three times larger than the saturated value under external magnetic fields. For high doping (x > 0.17), the distortions first appeared in the paramagnetic phases and underwent further enhancement simultaneously with the onset of the noncollinear ferrimagnetic ordering. We present the rich magnetostructural phase diagram of Mn3O4, and argue that the diluted t2 orbital degeneracy of Cu2+ under tetrahedral crystal field breaks the global symmetry and triggers the orthorhombic instability inherent in Mn3O4.





"Co-doped branched ZnO nanowires for ultraselective and sensitive detection of p-xylene" Hyung-Sik Woo, Chang-Hoon Kwak, Jae-Ho Chung, and Jong-Heun Lee, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 6, 22553 (2014) [Dec. 24, 2014]


"Enhanced ethanol sensing characteristics of In2O3-decorated NiO hollow nanostructures via modulation of hole accumulation layers," Hyo-Joong Kim, Hyun-Mook Jeong, Tae-Hyung Kim, Jae-Ho Chung, Yun Chan Kang, and Jong-Heun Lee, ACS Appl. Mater. & Interfaces, 6, 18197 (2014) [Sep. 22, 2014]


"Observation of spontaneous ferroelectric polarization reversal in multiferroic Mn1-xNixWO4 (x ~ 0.16)," Young-Sang Song, J.-H. Chung, Kwang Woo Shin, Kee Hoon Kim, and In Hwan Oh, Appl. Phys. Lett. 104, 252904 (2014) [Jun. 23, 2014]

In this Letter, we report the effect of replacing Mn2+ ions with Ni2+ on the ferroelectricity of multiferroic MnWO4 single crystals. When the amount of substitution was close to 16%, the sign of ferroelectric polarization spontaneously became negative with respect to initial dc poling field at a few degrees below TC. Neutron diffraction intensities revealed a sudden change in the underlying spiral spin ordering that occurred coincidentally with the observed sign reversal. This unusual behavior in zero magnetic fields suggests that strong competitions between the two different magnetic ions may provide an efficient route to manipulation of existing multiferroics.





"Competing magnetic anisotropy fields and double polarization flops in multiferroic Mn1-xCoxWO4," Young-Sang Song, Jae-Ho Chung, Sae Hwan Chun, Kee Hoon Kim and Juerg Schefer, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 82, 124716 (2013) [Dec. 15, 2013]

We report the cobalt doping dependencies of the ferroelectric polarization and underlying incommensurate spiral magnetic ordering in multiferroic Mn1-xCoxWO4 (0 =< x < 0.18). The spiral ordering changed its rotational plane upon cobalt doping (x ~ 0.1), followed by heliconical ordering at higher doping (x > 0.15). These consecutive changes were accompanied by simultaneous 90o flops of ferroelectric polarizations. Such doping dependencies are driven by the competitions between the anisotropy fields of MnWO4 and CoWO4, the spatial distributions of which are nearly orthogonal to each other. We propose a model that can consistently describe the two consecutive flops based on a combined picture of magnetic anisotropy and biquadratic exchange.


"The critical role of next-nearest-neighbor interlayer interaction in magnetic behavior of (Ga,Mn)As multilayers," Sunjae Chung, Sangyeop Lee, Taehee Yoo, Hakjoon Lee, J.-H. Chung, M. S. Choi, Sanghoon Lee, X. Liu, J. K. Furdyna, Jae-Ho Han, Hyun-Woo Lee and Kyung-Jin Lee, New J. Phys. 15, 123025 (2013) [Dec. 13, 2013]


"Dynamic spin correlations in the frustrated cubic phase of MnV2O4," Jae-Ho Chung, Young-Sang Song, J.-H. Kim, T. Suzuki, T. Katsufuji, M. Matsuda, and S.-H. Lee, Phys. Rev. B 88, 094430 (2013) [Sep. 1, 2013]

The ferrimagnetic spinel MnV2O4 undergoes an orbital-induced cubic-to-tetragonal distortion at TYK = 58 K, below which noncollinear commensurate ferrimagnetic ordering occurs. Using inelastic neutron scattering, we investigated low-energy dynamics in its cubic phase above TYK. We observed two types of coexisting short-range magnetic excitations: the dispersive spin waves centered around the Brillouin zone centers, k0 = (0, 0, 0), and quasi-elastic spin fluctuations centered at incommensurate wave vectors, kincom = (ξ, ξ, 0). The coexistence of the two distinct features can be understood as a dynamic realization of the conical spiral order observed in cubic spinels such as CoCr2O4.


"Temperature- and Magnetic-Field-Induced Change of Electric Polarization in a Multiferroic Mn0.93Co0.07W0.93O4-delta Single Crystal," Li Qin Yan, Bumsung Lee, Sae Hwan Chun, Ingyu Kim, Jae-Ho Chung, Sung Baek Kim, Ju-Young Park, Suk Ho Le, Yisheng Chai, and Kee Hoon Kim, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 82, 094708 (2013) [Sep. 2013]


"Incommensurate spin spiral of the geometrically frustrated antiferromagnet CdCr2O4," Jae-Ho Chung, Young Sang Song, Sungil Park, Hiroaki Ueda, Yutaka Ueda and Seung-Hun Lee, J. Korean Phys. Soc. 62, 1900 (2013) [Jun. 2013]

CdCr2O4 is a cubic spinel with geometrically-frustrated antiferromagnetic interactions between Cr3+ ions. We investigated the structural and magnetic phase transitions in powder samples by using magnetization and neutron diffraction measurements. An antiferromagnetic phase transition was observed at TN = 8.1 K, below which the crystallographic unit cell was tetragonal (c < a = b). Its incommensurate antiferromagnetic ordering below TN resembles dimerized spin chains in the ab planes with the propagation vector k = (0, 0.088, 1). We argue that the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and the magnetic frustration play important roles in establishing the observed magnetic ordering.


"Low temperature structural instability of tetragonal spinel Mn3O4," Jae-Ho Chung, Kee Hwan Lee, Young-Sang Song, Takehito Suzuki and Takuro Katsufuji, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 82, 034707 (2013) [Mar. 2013]

Tetragonal ferrimagnetic spinel Mn3O4 shows complex magnetic phase transitions due to competing antiferromagnetic interactions involving Mn2+/3+ ions with difference valences. Using magnetization and neutron diffraction measurements, we propose that its tetragonal lattice possesses an instability towards orthorhombic distortion in zero field well below TN. The direction of the observed instability suggests that the anomaly is related to lifting of the persistent geometrical frustration via spin?lattice coupling.





"Transformation of ZnO nanowire single crystalline Mn3O4 nanowires," Chan Woong Na, Seung-Young Park, Jae-Ho Chung, and Jong-Heun Lee, Appl. Mater. Interf. 4, 6565 (2012) [Nov. 13, 2012]

Single-crystalline Mn3O4 nanowires were prepared using the vapor-phase transformation of ZnO nanobelts. Mn3O4-decorated ZnO nanobelts and ZnO-ZnMn2O4 core-shell nanocables (NCs) were also obtained as reaction intermediates. Heteroepitaxial growth of tetragonal spinel Mn3O4 (or ZnMn2O4) on wurtzite ZnO is a possible reason for the growth of single-crystalline Mn3O4 nanowires. Growth interfaces are possibly formed between the wurtzite (10-10)/(2-1-10) and spinel (-101)/(-411) planes. Various one-dimensional homonanostructures and heteronanostructures consisting of n-ZnO, p-Mn3O4, and p-ZnMn2O4 can be used to design high-performance gas sensors.


"Chemical synthesis of CoO-ZnO:Co hetero-nanostructures and their ferromagnetism at room temperature," Chan Woong Na, Seung-Young Park, Sun-Jung Kim, Hyung-Sik Woo, Hyo-Joong Kim, Jae-Ho Chung and Jong-Heun Lee, CrystEngComm, 14, 5390 (2012). [Sep. 7, 2012]


"Heliconical magnetic order and field-induced multiferroicity of the Co2Y hexaferrite Ba0.3Sr1.7Co2Fe12O22," Hak Bong Lee, Sae Hwan Chun, Kwang Woo Shin, Byung-Gu Jeon, Yi Sheng Chai, Kee Hoon Kim, Juerg Schefer, Hun Chang, Sae-Na Yun, Tae-Young Joung, and Jae-Ho Chung, Phys. Rev. B 86, 094435 (2012) [Sep. 1, 2012]

Using magnetoelectric measurements and neutron diffraction, we investigated multiferroic properties of Co2Y hexaferrite Ba0.3Sr1.7Co2Fe12O22 in zero and finite magnetic field (H perp c). Upon zero-field cooling, a longitudinal heliconical magnetic structure was observed below 280 K, which involves incommensurate planar helical ordering. When the magnetic field was applied perpendicular to its c axis, electric polarization was observed and the incommensurate ordering was replaced by a commensurate one as commonly observed in other hexaferrites. Electric polarization remained at its maximum during field reversal at 10 K, which indicates that magnetic anisotropy within the basal planes stabilizes the field-induced electric polarization.


"Exchange Coupling in Magnetic Semiconductor Multilayers and Superlattices," J.K. Furdyna, J. Leiner, X. Liu, M. Dobrowolska, S. Lee, Jae-Ho Chung and B.J. Kirby, Acta Phys. Pol. A 121, 973 (2012) [May-June, 2012]


"Controlled Transformation of ZnO nanobelts into CoO/Co3O4 Nanowires," Chan Woong Na, Hyung-Sik Woo, Hyo-Joong Kim, Unyong Jeong, Jae-Ho Chung and Jong-Heun Lee, CrysEngComm, 14, 3737 (2012). [May 21, 2012]


"Electric field control of nonvolatile four-state magnetization at room temperature," Sae Hwan Chun, Yi Sheng Chai, Byung-Gu Jeon, Hyung Joon Kim, Yoon Seok Oh, Ingyu Kim, Hanbit Kim, Byeong Jo Jeon, So Young Haam, Ju-Young Park, Suk Ho Lee, Jae-Ho Chung, Jae-Hoon Park, and Kee Hoon Kim, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 177201 (2012) [Apr. 27, 2012]

We find the realization of large converse magnetoelectric (ME) effects at room temperature in a magnetoelectric hexaferrite Ba0.52Sr2.48Co2Fe24O41 single crystal, in which rapid change of electric polarization in low magnetic fields (about 5 mT) is coined to a large ME susceptibility of 3200 ps/m. The modulation of magnetization then reaches up to 0.62muB/f.u. in an electric field of 1.14 MV/m. We find further that four ME states induced by different ME poling exhibit unique, nonvolatile magnetization versus electric field curves, which can be approximately described by an effective free energy with a distinct set of ME coefficients.


"Al doping effect on magnetic phase transitions of magnetoelectric hexaferrite Ba0.7Sr1.3Zn2(Fe1-xAlx)12O22," Hun Chang, Hak Bong Lee, Young-Sang Song, Jae-Ho Chung, S. A. Kim, I. H. Oh, M. Reehuis, J. Schefer, Phys. Rev. B 85, 064402 (2012) [Feb 01, 2012]

We investigated the effect of Al doping in magnetic properties of the Y-type hexaferrite Ba0.7Sr1.3Zn2(Fe1-xAlx)12O22 (0 <= x <= 0.12), which exhibit field-induced magnetoelectric polarization.We find that Al doping increases the pitch of a spin helix and enhances c-axis magnetization, stabilizing longitudinal conical phases. These conical phases eventually collapse at x >= 0.10. These results suggest that competitions between easy-axis and easy-plane anisotropy fields play a key role in generating stable magnetoelectric polarization in Y-type hexaferrites.





"Magnetic Excitations in the Low-Temperature Ferroelectric Phase of Multiferroic YMn2O5 Using Inelastic Neutron Scattering," J.-H. Kim, M. A. van der Vegte, A. Scaramucci, S. Artyukhin, J.-H. Chung, S. Park, S-W. Cheong, M. Mostovoy, and S.-H. Lee, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 097401 (2011) [Aug 25, 2011]

We studied magnetic excitations in a low-temperature ferroelectric phase of the multiferroic YMn2O5 using inelastic neutron scattering (INS). We identify low-energy magnon modes and establish a correspondence between the magnon peaks observed by INS and electromagnon peaks observed in optical absorption [A. B. Sushkov et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 027202 (2007).]. Furthermore, we explain the microscopic mechanism, which results in the lowest-energy electromagnon peak, by comparing the inelastic neutron spectral weight with the polarization in the commensurate ferroelectric phase.


"Synchrotron X-ray Study of Lattice Vibrations in CdCr2O4" , Jung-Hwa KIM,, Masa MATSUDA, Hiroaki UEDA, Yutaka UEDA, Jae-Ho CHUNG, Satoshi TSUTSUI, Alfred Q. R. BARON, and Seung-Hun LEE, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 80 073603 (2011) [Jul 11, 2011]


"Investigation of weak interlayer exchange coupling in GaMnAs/GaAs superlattices with insulating nonmagnetic spacers," Jae-Ho Chung, Young-Sang Song, Taehee Yoo, Sun Jae Chung, Sanghoon Lee, B. J. Kirby, X. Liu, and J. K. Furdyna, J. Appl. Phys. 110, 013912 (2011) [Jul 01, 2011]

A robust long-range antiferromagnetic coupling between ferromagnetic Ga0.97Mn0.03As layers has previously been realized via insertion of nonmagnetic Be-doped GaAs spacers between the magnetic layers. In this paper we report the observation of weak antiferromagnetic coupling between Ga0.97Mn0.03As layers through undoped GaAs spacers with thicknesses as large as 25 monolayers. The field and the temperature dependences of the sample magnetization suggest that the interlayer coupling in these systems substantially deviates from typical ferromagnetic behavior. Polarized neutron reflectivity measurements reveal antiferromagnetic alignment between Ga0.97Mn0.03As layers when a weak field is applied perpendicular to the magnetic easy axis during cooling below TC. The strength of the observed coupling between the magnetic layers is estimated to be weaker than 0.05 mT.


"Field-induced incommensurate-to-commensurate phase transition in magnetoelectric hexaferrite Ba0.5Sr1.5Zn2(Fe1-xAlx)12O22," Hak Bong Lee, Young-Sang Song, Jae-Ho Chung, Sae Hwan Chun, Yi Sheng Chai, Kee Hoon Kim, M. Reehuis, K. Prokes, and S. Matas, Phys. Rev. B 83, 144425 (2011) [Apr 26, 2011]

Using neutron diffraction, we investigated the spin structures of magnetoelectric hexaferrite, Ba0.5Sr1.5Zn2(Fe1-xAlx )12O22 (x = 0.08) under a magnetic field (H perp c). When the crystal was cooled in a zero field, longitudinal spin cones were observed at low temperatures. These incommensurate phases, however, were replaced by the commensurate phase [k1 = (0,0,3/2)] when the ferroelectricity was induced by an external field perpendicular to the c axis. Magnetic structure refinement confirms that this commensurate order is compatible with the spin-current polarization.We argue that planar magnetic anisotropy plays an important role in determining the magnetic structure that is responsible for its magnetoelectricity.





"Chemical doping-induced flop of ferroelectric polarization in multiferroic Mn0.9Co0.1WO4," Y.-S. Song, Li Qin Yan, Bumsung Lee, Sae Hwan Chun, Kee Hoon Kim, Sung Baek Kim, A. Nogami, T. Katsufuji, J. Schefer, and J.-H. Chung, Phys. Rev. B 82, 214418 (2010) [Dec 15, 2010]

We studied the multiferroic properties of the incommensurate spiral phase of Mn1-xCoxWO4 using singlecrystal neutron-diffraction and ferroelectric measurements. Whereas the rotational plane of the spin spiral is parallel to the b axis for x =< 0.05, it flops by 90o for x = 0.10. As a result, the direction of the ferroelectric polarization also flops from the b to the a axis. These results show that the orientation of the ferroelectric polarization in MnWO4 can be controlled via chemical doping.


"Neutron-Scattering Measurement of Incommensurate Short-Range Order in Single Crystals of the S = 1 Triangular Antiferromagnet NiGa2S4," C. Stock, S. Jonas, C. Broholm, S. Nakatsuji, Y. Nambu, K. Onuma, Y. Maeno, and J.-H. Chung, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 037402 (2010) [Jul 16, 2010]


"Giant magnetoresistance and long-range antiferromagnetic interlayer exchange coupling in (Ga,Mn)As/GaAs:Be multilayers," Sunjae Chung, Sanghoon Lee, J.-H. Chung, Taehee Yoo, Hakjoon Lee, B. Kirby, X. Liu, and J. K. Furdyna, Phys. Rev. B 82, 054420 (2010) [Aug 13, 2010]


"Frustrated magnetism and cooperative phase transitions in spinels," S.-H. Lee, H. Takagi, D. Louca, M. Matsuda, S. Ji, H. Ueda, Y. Ueda, T. Katsufuji, J.-H. Chung, S. Park, S-W. Cheong, and C. Broholm, Journal of Physical Society of Japan, 79 011004 (2010) [Jan 12, 2010]


"Realization of giant magnetoelectricity in helimagnets," Sae Hwan Chun, Yi Sheng Chai, Yoon Seok Oh, Deepshikha Jaiswal-Nagar, So Young Haam, Ingyu Kim, Bumsung Lee, Dong Hak Nam, Kyung-Tae Ko, Jae Hoon Park, Jae-Ho Chung, and Kee Hoon Kim, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, (2010) 037204 [Jan 22, 2010]


"Mangetic phase diegrams of the multicritical olivine Mn2SiS4 and Mn2GeS4," J.-H. Chung, K. Ohgushi, Y. Ueda, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 322, 832-837 (2010) [Apr 01, 2010]




Published date


"Stabilization of the elliptical spiral phase and the spin-flop transition in multiferroic Mn1-xCoxWO4," Y.-S. Song, J.-H. Chung, J.M.S. Park, Y.-N. Choi, Phys. Rev. B 79, 224415 (2009)

Jun 12, 2009


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Jan 27, 2009




Published date


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Jan 25, 2008




Published date


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Published date


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May 01, 2006


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Feb 03, 2006




Published date


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