PHY151/152 Introduction to Physics I-II

This two-semester courses teach how one can use mathematical tools to describe physical phenomena in nature or man-made.

Prerequisites: High school mathematics

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PHY482 Solid State Physics

This course teaches how one can use knowledges that we have learned in physics core classes in order to understand properties of solid materials at basic level. We will study how one can effectively deal with solid materials that consist of virtually infinite number of atoms, and how their spatial arrangements determine apparent electrical, thermal, and magnetic properties of the materials.
Prerequisites: Quantum Mechanics, Mathematical Physics

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PHY621/622 Solid State Physics I-II

This two-semester courses teach how electronic properties of solids are determined by atomic structures of the solid materials. We will also study important properties of conducting, semiconducting and insulating materials, and discuss how electrons are responsible for their behaviors.
Prerequisites: Quantum Mechanics, Mathermatical Physics, undergraduate Solid State Physics.

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PHY625 Basic Crystallography for Solid State Physics

In this course, we will study how one can experimentally measure and interprete periodic atomic arrangements of solid materials. We will review basic crystallography and learn experimental methods such as x-ray, neutron and electron diffraction. Students will also have opportunities to learn how to use softwares for diffraction data analysis.
Prerequisites: Solid State Physics, Mathematical Physics.

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PHY302 Electronic Physics Laboratory

This course teaches simple circuits based on basic electronic devices. Students will build, operate and test their own circuits, and learn their characteristics.


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